MuffinPug Magic Makers

To help with our fundraising, MuffinPug Magic Makers are a group of volunteers that knit, crochet and craft things which they then sell and auction off for the benefit of the charity.

Our jumpers have given comfort to the rescue pugs who need to be helped with the cold. We have now expanded into bespoke jumpers and items made just for your pugs. We also make a range of other items such as scarves, hats and themed fashion items.

How to help?

Join the MuffinPug Magic Makers on Facebook at

Whether you’re a dab hand at cross-stitch, a talented watercolour artist or are passionate about making scarves, we would love for you to join the Magic Makers. Send us a message via Facebook or email

Want to make a donation?

Raw materials such as wool is greatly appreciated.

How to order

  1. Select your item from our photo album on Facebook.
  2. Message the MuffinPug Magic Makers page to place your order and give us the design, sizes and colours you want.

  3. You will be asked to pay MuffinPug Rescue directly for your item via PayPal.

  4. You will also be asked to send your Magic Maker the postage directly.

MuffinPug Auction and Fundraisers

MuffinPug Rescue has its very own auction and fundraiser page on Facebook.

This is a wonderful page that is designed to raise money for MuffinPug Rescue; your unwanted items could be gold to another. Instead of taking it to a charity shop, place the item on our auction site. This runs from specific times which is displayed in the group.

Sometimes we get donated high value items which are placed as fundraisers; this is where you buy tickets for £1 each. At the end of a fundraiser a random draw will be made to find the winner. We have had some fantastic items from holidays, weekends away, afternoon teas to designer shoes and handbags.

If you would like to donate any high value items, or you need help placing items in the auction please message the Auction and Fundraisers page!

Come and join the fun at