In memoriam of our dear friend,
Michael Harnett…

In memoriam of our dear friend Michael Hartnett, our Mikey, we would like to introduce you to the Michael Hartnett Foundation. Mikey will be the patron of this fundraising foundation, which will raise money for those MuffinPug Rescue pugs that need some extra support.

Mikey never missed an event. He loved the pugs and the pugs loved him. He was gentle and kind, and all of us were richer for having had him in our lives.

Mikey had his own pugs…

Mikey had his own pugs – Jason, Molly, Ida-May and of course his beloved Gertie. The care he gave them was exemplary and as their needs increased he gave them everything they needed. That is why we have chosen Mikey to represent our “wheelie pugs”, and his foundation will help them to lead full and enriching lives.

Mikey was the epitome of what MuffinPug Rescue stands for. He taught many of us new skills and how to be more charitable and generous. We all learnt an awful lot from him and will be forever in his debt. His unequalled love of the breed made him a natural addition to our team. He had a unique ability to make both pugs and people feel immediately at home and included. His presence at our fund raising events will be greatly missed. He is irreplaceable.

Honouring the memory…

We would like to honour the memory of our much loved Mikey by making him a Patron of our charity and raise money in his name. We will never forget his charming, unique, unparalleled personality and his unending and bountiful love for all pugs and people.

Please help us to make the Michael Hartnett Foundation a fantastic branch of MuffinPug Rescue. He is no longer with us in person, but the vital work that will be done in his name will always keep him with us.

Welcome one and all to the Michael Hartnett Foundation. Let’s make it great for him.

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