MuffinPug Communities

MuffinPug Rescue believe that meeting and socialising with other like minded pug lovers is a wonderful thing. We love to meet other pugs for a sniff, run and play and their hoomans love a good chat over a cup of tea. Here is how you could get involved.

Bandana Walks

Every year MuffinPug Rescue holds sponsored Bandana Walks. Every year we choose a pattern; 2017 was gingham, 2018 was stars and 2019 was tartan. Our aim is to have these sponsored walks to raise as much as we can for vets’ bills. Every year we make more friends on these walks, and every year we have lots of fun and spread the word. Our pugs deserve the best and we do everything we can to achieve our aim: promoting healthy living for all pugs.

What will the Bandana be for 2020?

Facebook Communities

We have a number of groups and communities for you to get involved in on Facebook; go and check out your local one! They can be found on the MuffinPug Rescue Facebook page, by clicking on community.

MuffinPug Rescue Group Official Cheshire Pug Mania Kent Pug Mania Glasgow Pug Mania South West Pug Mania Hertfordshire Pug Mania South Wales Pug Mania Midlands Pug Mania Norfolk Pug Mania Lancashire Pug Mania North East Pug Mania Edinburgh Pug Mania South East Pug Mania North Wales Pug Mania Yorkshire Pug Mania MuffinPug Rescue Auction and Fundraisers Pugs & Frenchies Plus+ LOST x FOUND x STOLEN UK We Luffs Pugs

Muffinpug on facebook


Every year MuffinPug Rescue creates and attends many events up and down the country. These range from local walks in the park, afternoon pug tea rooms, and pugmas, to events that we get invited to such as All About Dogs and Discover Dogs.

Checkout our event calendar to see an event near you!

Events Calendar