MuffinPug Rescue has saved a number of Pugs from China over the past couple of years. They are extremely precious to us. For those of you that shared the painful journeys of all that lives and are safe with us and those that died, you will know it was extremely costly in resources and emotions.

We are getting many calls from rescues in China with very little or no information, just pleas for money. We have to ensure that we are doing the right thing for the Pugs and that the money we raise go to the correct places for the right reasons.

MuffinPug Rescue understands that many of our supporters who prefer not to support any Pugs from abroad and want to help those within the UK. For this reason, as we still want to help when we can we have set up MuffinPug Rescue China Pugs, which will be supporting Denise Harris.

The journey to support these Pugs will be extremely difficult as the costs are high and the Pugs are often sick. Some of the Pugs come from pets and some from puppy farms.

We will be supporting these Pugs in the best way possible using our knowledge and the experience we have gained previously. We will always do the best we can for the Pugs, which sometimes may mean they will not travel to the UK but to other supporters in America.

In the meantime they need us.

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Prince Axel of China

Axel was snatched from the butchers at the meat trade in China. He was rescued with 4 other puppies, unfortunately the other 3 had passed away before they got to travel across to the UK. Axel suffered from extremely bad skin condition, blindness, deafness, bad legs and a luxating patella. Dogs in China are hung by their back legs to ‘make them easier to handle’, this causes horrendous issues when they are saved. Now at 18 months old he has found four paws. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, however he is an extremely naughty boy. Axel has had revision surgery on his back legs and had pins fitted to help support it. He hated the 3 months crate rest, but now can run around annoying his new Brothers and Sisters!

Prince Dylan and Princess Vera of China

Dylan and Vera are two extremely lucky pugs. They were found in China by rescuers, before they were due to go to the meat market. Vera suffered with extremely dry eyes, which has caused her to go blind. Dylan suffered with wobbly legs and walks in circles which we assume is due to lack of exercise. Thought to be Mother and Son and a strong bonded pair, they unfortunately had to be split up to travel to the UK. Vera arrived in the UK first, followed by Dylan three months later. After being reunited, it’s like they have never been apart!

Prince Bing of China

Prince Bing was saved off the back of a meat truck in China, which carry about 1000 dogs at a time. His rescuers managed to get him to a safe place so he could be cared for before coming to the UK. When he arrived at his FairyPug Parents, he was rather smelly and covered in poo. His FairyPug Parents gave him a massive cuddle, bath and a good meal before he embarked on the rest of his life inside a house. Prince Bing suffers massively with the joints in his back legs and an awful skin condition. It is assumed by specialists that he was picked up by his back legs and swung into the back of the truck and his immune system was really low. After love, care and attention in the UK, he has improved dramatically and is one of the happiest Pugs we know!