Pug lovers by choice,
rescuers by chance

MuffinPug Rescue is a breed specific rescue across the UK that is dedicated to actively rescuing pugs and pug crosses in need. As the breed has become increasingly more fashionable over the years, it has meant that many pugs have been exploited and mistreated in order to meet the growing demand. As a registered UK charity (1164018) that aims to end the suffering of neglected pugs, we operate through a network of volunteers called Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers. Our core aim is to rescue and rehabilitate pugs within a home foster environment, before they live long happy lives in their forever homes. Secondly, we aim to educate adopters and owners on how to care and look after a pug. We believe that our dogs should lead a long, happy, healthy and natural lifestyle.

If you read Muffin’s story, you will see that our rescue came from seeing the need to help, specifically a poor little pug that had been mistreated, abused and neglected.

How we help…

Every dog that comes into MuffinPug Rescue gets treated as if they are our own. Our dogs come from a number of different places; sometimes we have their full history from a surrendered loving home, sometimes we have nothing and work it all out for ourselves based on their behaviour.

Our experience has shown that pugs do not do well in kennels and need the loving touch of another human and dogs. We ensure all our pugs are placed with an approved foster parent for assessment before moving to their perfect, new forever home.

Every dog that comes into MuffinPug Rescue visits one one of our trusted vets to have a full check up, including a blood test. This allows us to gain a full understanding of the dog’s health. We will attempt to never rehome a dog that is unspayed or neutered, to ensure that they can never be abused with excessive and inappropriate breeding. We arrange all vet care, where possible in their foster homes and nurse them back to perfect health before being adopted.

How we run…

MuffinPug Rescue is run using a network of Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers across the UK. Without them we would not be able to complete the work that we do.

Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers support with the following:

Fostering & Forever Fostering
Completing home checks
Creating, running and supporting MuffinPug events
Spreading the MuffinPug word
Volunteering with specific projects

Click here to apply to be a Fairy Pug Mother or Father.

How do we educate…

All our Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers follow the same ethos on how to live a long, natural and healthy life for our dogs using our tried and tested methods. We know these work and we love to spread the word on how to look after your dog without the use of chemicals and junk foods.

We spread the word during our home checks and at events, and if any one has any questions we love to answer them.

One of our Fairy Pug Mothers, Jackie Fullerton has created a book called ‘It’s a Pug Thing’ that’s packed with lots of recipes and information about how to change your dog to a life without chemicals, using natural remedies.

Pushing the boundaries…

Many people think that pugs are very lazy and inactive. It is true that pugs love a good snooze but they are very active and social dogs. Pugs have very strong personalities and lots of energy; this can be harnessed and turned into something that both you and your dog can enjoy. At MuffinPug Rescue we have rescue dogs that do a number of sports and activities.

These are:
Agility Parkour Swimming Hill walking Mountain climbing Boating and canoeing Football