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Neville Nougat Cake

Neville is just over 12 months old and had survived multiple clefts in his palate. He had endured two failed surgical procedures. A serious bout of pneumonia due to the aspiration of food or water meant that a better plan was necessary for the future if Neville was going to enjoy a decent quality of life. 

MuffinPug Rescue supporters made the enquiries and raised the money for this brave little pug to have surgery that is hoped will fix him. 

‚Äčit is now 3 weeks tomorrow post surgery , his FairyPugMother  writes "Morning! Snot update....!! A bit of snot this morning, but not as bad as yesterday. Much much livelier this morning too. A little blip yesterday maybe? He is FULL of it this morning. Just having breakfast and his tablets, wolfing it down. Changed his sheets and have given him a really good clean over with a wet wipe or 4 (this was not received well!), and back to bed once he is done. Room a little warm I think so have opened the window for some fresh air. All ok I reckon!! Xxx

Agatha Avocado Cake

Agatha 5 months old, rehomed 3 times, untreated demodectic mange. Poor baby. Luckily MuffinPug Rescue were alerted to her being passed on again, and secured her future with us. We are informed that her condition will actually get worse before it gets better, so although shocking and traumatic for us all to see,  Agatha is on the right track with antibiotics to combat any potential secondary infection, and special washes every second day. Her treatment is going to be long and ongoing. Despite this she is a happy, playful little girl, who is a joy to care for. She will be re-assessed next week by our vets. If you can help little Agatha to fund her ongoing medical needs please paypal 

No baby should be subjected to this horrific condition at such a young age. Thank you dear friends and supporters. 
Without your help we simply could not help her to get the treatment and life that she so very much deserves XXX 


Here at Muffin Pug Rescue UK we understand how difficult it can be to even contemplate surrendering your pug. We are not here to pass judgement or question your reasons we just want to help in any way we can.  Your call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and we will endeavour to carry out your wishes wherever possible.

You can rest assured your pug will be in very good hands and treated as if he or she were one of our own.
Between us we have re-homed over 200 pugs in 2 years. We know what works and we will always put the needs of the pug before all else.
Similarly if you know of any pug in need, let us know, we will help if allowed to do so.
Please email or call 07740 281470

MuffinPug Rescue Charity

I would like to introduce our Charity to you, with some of the background to how and why the Charity was born. MuffinPug Rescue, a breed specific registered Charity (Charity Number: 1164018) was formed in October 2015.

From small beginnings, our charity has expanded somewhat since its formation with the rescue of MuffinPug. A cruelty case, and a Pug being used as a bait dog. Very poorly at the time, and so badly injured it necessitated amputation of her hind leg, MuffinPug herself today is very well, and copes brilliantly with her life changing disability. She is the figurehead of the rescue, helping to spread the MuffinPug magic word as we actively rescue, rehabilitate, spay/neuter, foster and rehome an ever increasing number of pugs and pug crosses up and down the length of the country with a network of volunteer FairyPug Mothers and Fathers.

This time last year, we had taken 4 pugs into rescue. At the moment, this now stands at over 160, over 20 this year alone. The popularity of the breed continues to grow, unfortunately many come into rescue, some as obvious cruelty and neglect cases, others when owners that know nothing of the breed with their often related health issues, find they simply cannot cope. Pugs are renowned for breathing problems being a brachycephalic breed, and BOAS, often requiring surgical intervention. As they command high price tags, there has been a surge in back street breeding. Many of these pugs not being suitable to breed with, many requiring caesarean sections, and often kept in horrific and unsuitable conditions. There are an alarming number of unregistered puppies always being advertised, the Kennel Club having no control over this. When a breeding bitch can no longer make any money, she will be discarded, being sold on often unspayed for the next person to breed with. We are constantly taking these poor girls into rescue, where we spay and neuter immediately to end this cruel trade.

We are also often asked for help and advice, and part of our work is to educate and not always to judge. There are many reasons that a pug will be surrendered, we will always go down the route of what is best for the pug, and advice accordingly.

As with all charities, we are constantly and actively fundraising, apart from our on going auctions, donation appeals and any other ways to generate funds we can think of, we also hold specific major fundraising events throughout the year. Some of these are:


We have a Membership scheme, as our supporters are so important to us......£10.00 a year to join, and all receive a personal welcome letter, MuffinPug Rescue car sticker, and MuffinPug pen in their welcome pack.

We hold twice yearly sponsored walks by all MuffinPug Rescue pugs in locations up and down the country. All are welcome.....last October in 18 locations over 500 pugs walked for our charity.

Our first ever major event of this kind was launched in October of last year. The aim is a fun-filled day, packed with activities to encourage pugs and their owners to have a go at agility and many other activities that are fun and stimulating. There were various events with have-a-go agility, top training and obedience techniques, opportunity to become a member, meet our rescue pugs, trade and craft puggy related stalls. Our ethos is to create a nation of fitter more active pugs and have a bit of fun for all levels. We are planning now for this year...our first in Halifax in April 2017.

Current pug updates

For the most update news on on the current pugs within our care, please check our Facebook page

Registered Charity Number 1164018

Faith Figgy Pudding

Faith has been in foster care since coming into MuffinPug Rescue.  Faith is blind. 

Both of her eyes were removed due to melting ulcers and infection, settling into a new home was a challenge to say the least for this incredibly brave beautiful girl. An untreated broken jaw....the cause of which was never discovered.....caused Faith extreme pain. A long period of rehabilitation, intensive nursing and love began to heal Faiths wounds...her broken soul taking a little longer. She now has a clean bill of health, has been spayed, and is ready now for her next challenge.....settling in to her new home when a VERY SPECIAL forever home is chosen for her. 

Due to her disability, we have a very precise criteria of what that should be. Ideally, with one other sensible, calm pug, that would become Faiths buddy and indirectly her eyes. She has a zest for life and adventure that surprises us all, and we are very excited for her future. If you think you could offer  Faith the perfect home, please send us a private message.