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MuffinPug Rescue

‚ÄčI love my Fairy Pug Mothers so Hello everyone, I hope you are having a pugtastic time. I thought I would tell you all my story because I have lots of new friends & some of you might not have been here right from the start. It's always nice to have a catch up isn't it? 

A bad thing happened to me last year, I was used as bait for dog fighting. I was in the vets in a very, very bad way - nearly at rainbow bridge & about to be pts when the rescuers from JRT Rescue UK arrived with their dogs on a routine visit. Thank goodness they did! The vet asked if they could help a dog that had been used as bait. Without knowing anything about me or even what type of dog I am they said yes!

So the FairyPugMothers granted my wish. I am so happy! 

So now we have MuffinPug Rescue isn't that great? Apparently at the moment we are something called not for profit but we are in the process of becoming charity registered - I don't know what that means but the FairyPugMothers keep reminding me not to eat the paperwork - it is important stuff so I sleep on top of it to keep it safe. 

A huge big woofing Pugalicious thank you to everyone who has donated towards our care & treatment, liked my page & shared our stories. Thank you for all of those nice thoughts and prayers when we are unwell or in pain or having the horrible nightmares. FairyPugMother says all of the kindness wraps around us & pulls us back from Rainbow Bridge when we need it most. 

MuffinPug Rescue works paw in paw with Jack Russell Terrier Rescue UK 
to help dogs in need & is not part of any other rescue just in case you were confused. You can nip over & say hello to my friends, they would love to see you. 

My name is Muffin & I am a SURVIVOR! 

Woofs x 

Luffs Muffin xxx 

Oh my goodness when they looked at me they cried & cried but they promised to help me forever, I was signed over to them & here I am now. I was so ill for so long & whenever I was close to Rainbow Bridge they made sure I stayed here & told me it wasn't my time. I got stronger & stronger but my back leg was too badly damaged so it had to go. I am proud to be a tri-paw, who needs 4 anyway! 

Lots of humans have been wondering how a Pugalicious little thing like me ended up with a Jack Russell Rescue so now you know. My rescuers said it's not about BREED it is about NEED & boy did I need them. They have kept their promise & stuck by me every day. They said I have earned my stripes to be a JRT because I hung in there through thick & thin like a terrier. Woofs to the JRTR UK gang, my best mate is Tallulah (she's not a JRT either, she is a beautiful Chihuahua & when she needed help they were there for her too). 

They loved me so much I asked them if they could help more Pugs in need. So many of my brothers & sisters are in need it makes me sad. I want them to have the help I did. 

My Story

By MuffinPug